Health benefits of dancing and gymnastics

Health benefits of dancing and gymnastics

You have probably seen many of the reality shows on TV today that are based on dancing.  These days people stay glued to their television sets watching others dance.  Many competitors have made a fortune by merely displaying their dancing or gymnastics skills.

Are there any health benefits that can be derived from dancing or gymnastics?  Why do some people love the art of dancing even when there are no monetary gains involved?


Memory improvement

Memory is very important in the life of any human being.  When you take to the dance floor or gymnastics mat, your memory receives a boost as you often need to memorise the moves and routines.  There are a number of techniques for remembering choreography and also with this dancing will help in preventing dementia as you age.

Scientists have proven that dancing can turn around volume loss in the hippocampus which is the part of the brain that controls memory.

Stress reduction

Stress is not good for the body at all.  Medical experts advise against it; because if it is not properly handled, it can result into high blood pressure among other things.

If you are feeling stressed; you can just pick a partner and put on your dancing shoes.  Again, dancing has been scientifically proven to reduce the symptoms of stress.

Lowers depression

There are many negatives in the world of today where goals and objectives are not easily achieved. Many people have financial issues to worry about.  This and many other problems in life have left many inhabitants the world over in a state of depression. Many have even committed suicide.

An antidote to depression is dancing. It has been proven that dancing has the power to lift the human spirit.  The teamworking and meeting new people in gymnastics also helps to remedy this.

Improves flexibility

The relation between flexibility of your body and overall wellness can not be over emphasized.  When your body parts are flexible, there is the tendency that joint pains will be a thing of the past.  Gymnasts often have zero joint issues even into their older years.  This needs for additional flexibility and freedom of movement is why many performers wear dance and gymnastics leotards.

When your joints are flexible, you will not experience soreness in your body after a regime of exercise. Dancing will improve your flexibility to enjoy the benefits of this.


Healthier heart

When things go wrong in the heart, it portends grave danger to human existence.  There are way too many people out there with cardiovascular disease and most of these cases can be reversed without recourse to help from the medical experts.

Simply begin dancing or doing gymnastics and watch your heart health improve significantly.

Lower your weight

The problem of obesity is no doubt a course for worry to many today and many people are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain their weight.

Exercise regimes have failed quite a sizeable number of people in the world today; they often struggle to get started.  Dancing is a good alternative to strict fitness routing and is often seen as more fun.  The team aspect of gymnastics is a also a strong motivator to spur newcomers on when things become difficult.


Going by what has been said thus far, it is crystal clear that there are loads of health benefits that can be derived from dancing and gymnastics and it’s easy to get started.

So what are you waiting for? Put on your dancing shoes or gymnastic shorts! There are benefits to be reaped!

Advantages of a weightlifting belt

Weight lifting belts are very common in fitness centres and gyms.  Many of these gyms provide a weight belts for customers to borrow for their workouts but many people just bring their own.  Powerlifting belts are usually made from a thick type of leather and can be from 4 to 6 inches in width. They also usually have a metal buckle in order to keep them secure at the user’s waist. They can also sometimes have other mechanisms such as a lever.  These belts are not to be confused with the corset-style braces and are not really suitable substitutes for each other.  For competition use, the powerlifting federation has strict rules regarding the types of belts that can be worn.

powerlifting belt

Advantages and disadvantages of a weight belt

The main reason to use a weight belt is to create and increase intra-abdominal pressure in the abdomen during a heavy weight set.  This extra pressure creates a stable core within the body thus supporting the spine and helping to increase the power and the amount of force that the body can apply.  This additional pressure also keeps the spine from collapsing under the heavy weight.  You can do this without a belt buy breathing in and then holding your breath.  Then push out with the stomach muscles.  This is called the Valsalva manoeuvre.  A powerlifting belt provides something for the stomach to press against in this process and so increase the pressure

A quite common misunderstanding about weight belts if that they just support the spine during regular and moderate weight training.  But the belt is too rigid and also narrow for this.  If you already have a pre-existing injury or you need extra spinal support, you should speak to a doctor regarding the correct back bracing for this.  When a belt is used inappropriately, they can discourage the use of essential muscles which are required to protect the spine.  If they are used a crutch, they can eventually weaken the abdominal muscles.

Correct belt use

As there are many variations in the types of belts, it’s important to select the correct one. has advice, sizing information and reviews of the best powerlifting belts and ideas on the selecting the correct belt for your needs.

A belt should be used for the heavy power lifting sets that are above 80 of your 1 rep max.  They can also be used for spinal support for heavy squats and or deadlifts.  As your body strength is improved you can stop using the belt for everything except those big lifts that are over 80% of your 1 rep max.  As powerlifting more often than not requires heavy lifting and thus a weight belt, any unsupported lifts performed over the head such as clean and jerks or shoulder presses can also often require a weight belt.

A belt should not be used for anything under 80% of the 1 rep max as this can discourage the correct use of your core muscles.  They should also not be worn during exercises for core strengthening such a crunches or planks.  In fact, they should not be worn for any exercise where you would be lying on your back.  They should be used for standing exercises only.  Also if you have a high blood pressure, a belt of this nature of not recommended as it is possible that the increase of the intra-abdominal pressure can also increase the blood pressure to unsafe levels.

How to improve your strength

If you want to improve your physical strength then you will have to make your muscles stronger.  If the workouts you are already practicing are not giving you the desired results then you should consider making some changes to them.  You can train all of your muscle groups gradually, eat healthy foods and challenge yourself every time doing workouts to improve your muscle strength. But you will have to use the right workout strategy for this purpose.  The tips shown here can also help in improving your overall strength.

Avoid spending much time and energy on cardio workouts

Though cardio exercises like biking, swimming and running can improve your circulation and stamina, they cannot make your muscles stronger. If you have exhausted your energy on cardio exercises then may struggle to perform weight exercises which need lots of energy to make your muscles stronger.  You should do cardio for limited time, not more than once or twice a week, so that you can retain your energy for strength building exercises.

Work on all of your muscle groups

Some people focus on their triceps, biceps and legs whereas others also take care of their abs while improving their physical strength. But in fact they should focus on all of the muscle groups in order to make their entire body strong.  You can attract appreciation by working on all of your muscles instead of focusing on one or two of them as they all work together to actually make you a strong person.

Challenge yourself

You should never feel easy while doing workout if your goal is to make yourself stronger. You should challenge yourself with every workout you do to increase the intensity of the workout and grow your muscles stronger. You may not be able to improve your strength if you do not compete with yourself to make your performance better than before. But if you are new to this type of training, you should do weight exercises under the guidance of a professional.


Gradually increase repetitions and weight

You should increase weight as well as number of repetitions of strength exercises gradually, once your body becomes familiar to the amount of repetitions and weight you can lift. In this way you will go on increasing your strength by challenging yourself. When you start feeling easy then you should understand that it is the time to increase weight you are lifting or increase the number of reps in an exercise.  But you should make these additions carefully.  When you reach a certain level you can add accessories such as a gym belt to your arsenal.

Rest adequately between workouts

Instead of working out every day to be strong as soon as possible, you should take some rest to allow the broken muscle tissue during workouts to build back again and grow your muscles stronger and bigger. It will not be possible if you work out every day without giving them rest. You should plan your workout schedule for 3-4 days a week and work on each muscle group in rotation.

In this way, you can improve the strength of your muscles by using right workout strategy.